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What Our Patients Say

Solutions for Vertigo!

Dr. Bohnet and Dr. Nobriga have helped me manage my vertigo symptoms for over a year. Office is clean and staff is friendly and professional. Highly recommend!

Joy M, 09/14/2022
Relief for Shoulder Pain!

I’m impressed! My shoulder was completely seized up. Dr Cynthia Nobriga treated me for 6 sessions. I felt some relief after the first session and now after 6 sessions, I am almost pain free!!! Unfortunately I have to go back to Canada. I hope to find someone as knowledgeable and friendly at home to continue treatments. FYI, I was a little scared/hesitant to try acupuncture before this, but I am now hooked. A miracle!!

E.J, 02/21/2023
Acupuncture has been hugely impactful

In respect to pain relief, Shannon Hennigar, LAc. has been a life-changer for my fiancé and myself. 10/10 recommend!

Emily A
I am so glad that I chose to come here!

These practitioners are excellent! The office staff is simply the best. They have great attention to detail and genuinely care about their patients. Recently, I had a sharp, persistent pain in my leg that made it difficult to walk. Dr. Nobriga realized it was a pinched nerve. After two acupuncture treatments it was completely better! When I got up to walk out after the second treatment, I couldn’t believe my pain was completely gone!

Nicole R, 06/08/2022
I have had nothing but a great experience from the team!

I have referred 3 others to them, and they agree with me! I was completely cured from my foot pain! Thanks again for your assistance.

Carla F, 09/20/2020
The best chiropractor!

Dr. Marsh Munro is by far the best chiropractor I've encountered in over 30yrs! I've been to multiple and, while the others met the need, they didn't exceed my body's need. I went weekly for approximately two months and each time I left it was as though I had just woken up from the most relaxing night of sleep!!! All the tension removed.

Dr. Munro listened to where my problems were and addressed them. He's kind, respectful, and has a powerful ability to manipulate the human body in a beneficial manner. I highly recommend Dr. Munro!

Trista W
The best and most caring chiropractor

First, she is a miracle worker! I was bedridden for a couple of days with a pain in my neck and being a single mom and not being able to do my mom duties really took a toll on me but after my appointment with Dr. Bohnet (chiropractic work), I was able to move my neck and go home and cook dinner. She is so gentle yet excellent at her job. Her hands are gifted! I should mention that I drive an hour and a half one way just to see her. She is so worth the drive!
Tried chiropractors locally where I live and no one compares to her. Both of my girls, 22 and 10-year-old see her also. She has healed my older daughter from allergies and working with my 10-year-old for her ADHD. She also has healed me from stomach problems and headaches both through acupuncture and chiropractic work. I have been seeing Dr.Bohnet since 2014 and feel so blessed that she came in my path. I love her smile and the stories that she shares. Her office staff is friendly and vibrant.
If you need the best chiropractor I would definitely recommend Dr. Bohnet! My life is forever changed because of her.

Monica M, 08/27/2020
Effective and caring practitioner

I have been seeing Dr. Cynthia Nobriga for several months for acupuncture to relieve my back pain. She is an effective and caring practitioner. I would recommend her services to all who could use her help!

Alice M, 11/15/2022

Shannon Hennigar was the most tuned in practitioner I have ever seen. She was able to identify and label symptoms I’ve been dealing with for quite some time and she lead me onto a path of health enlightenment.

Desiree E, 10/10/2018
Caring chiropractor!

Dr. Munro is extremely helpful. Love my weekly visits to keep up with all my aches and pains as well as preventative therapy. He shows you stretches and helps to educate you.

Jamie D
Kristen Bohnet is the best chiro/acupuncturist I've ever seen

I have also referred many people to her and they all say the same thing. She has gotten me through chronic neck issues, fixed me at times when I could move. She truly makes you feel like you are her only patient. Highly recommend!

Domenic P, 08/16/2020
So happy to have found a 'home' here

It's really hard to find the right acupuncturist because, frankly, they are trained differently. Dr. Nobriga and Dr. Bohnet are spot on the nose for what my husband and I are used to. Professional, gentle, and friendly. Love coming here, can't say enough good about the office.

Jayne G, 05/22/2020
I can't believe it!

I had a very stiff neck and my range of motion was minimal. I lived with this for decades until one day I said ACUPUNCTURE! Something I have never tried so I decided to give it a shot. My goal was to loosen my neck enough to get a proper neck adjustment. I went through 6 acupuncture treatments & 2 adjustments at Dr. Bohnet's office. My neck is close to perfect. I can't believe it. I would recommend the same treatments to anyone who is living in similar pain. I also have a condition called 1st bite syndrome. I mentioned it during my consultation.
First bite syndrome is characterized as pain in the parotid (salivary gland) gland or lower jaw area (mandibular region) at the first bite and, subsequently improves with each bite. It isn't life-threatening but it is uncomfortable. So Dr. Bohnet wanted to see if she could treat it along with my neck. I can say that the pain has lessened and doesn't last as long. I hope to continue treatments until I am pain-free.

Lori C
I can't say enough about the excellent acupuncture and chiropractic care I receive from Dr. Bohnet

She was recommended to me by a colleague when physical therapy did not help with shoulder pain. I continue to see her for various issues. She offers great suggestions to help me with any physical problems. From the moment I walk in, I am always greeted with a friendly smile. I heartily recommend Dr. Bohnet.

Margie E, 03/03/2020
Dr. Bohnet is great

I've lived with chronic neck pain since I injured myself playing pop-warner football. I endured 30 years of neck pain and headache but never thought to try an acupuncturist or a chiropractor. I've done both with Dr. Bohnet and for the first time I'm pain-free. My only regret is I didn't find her years before.

Ryan R, 06/26/2019
I was in extreme pain with some muscular issues in my lower back

I had already tried acupuncture somewhere else, with no success, been to urgent care and received a shot, plus steroids and nothing was working. Kristen was my lifesaver. After examination, she felt a chiropractic adjustment was what was needed. The process felt so good, but I was very sore the rest of the day.
Voila after following all her advice, the next morning I was pain-free and was able to walk and move around easily. Thanks, Dr. Bohnet I will definitely return when needed.

Michelle G, 05/11/2019
I can't rave enough about Dr. Bohnet

She does not practice the usual "bone cracking" chiropractics, but mainly acupressure and massage. How she can find areas that need attention is a miracle, but I go every three weeks for a "tune-up" and I come out feeling absolutely great. I know when the three weeks are rolling around as I start feeling achy.
In addition to chiropractic, she does acupuncture which I had never done before because I really did not believe in it, but she convinced me to try it once on a frozen shoulder, and I walked in in pain and left pain-free after the treatment. I have since used acupuncture for other pains and it does work very well.
Her staff is terrific and so are her associates who I have seen when I was in crisis mode and needed to come in immediately.
For the best chiropractic experience, I highly recommend Dr. Bohnet and her associates.

Richard R, 04/17/2019
My husband and I had a chiropractic adjustment with Kristen Bohnet yesterday and it was fantastic

This was the first time that we saw Kristen. She was friendly and personable, however, moreover, she is an extremely skilled chiropractor. Both my husband and I were very pleased with our adjustments.
Plus her office staff is great to work with. I called on a Friday morning to make our appointments and the front desk gal said she could get us both in on Wednesday, which is completely understandable, however, she could tell that I was hoping to get in sooner. I got a call back from the front desk gal about a half-hour later asking me my availability that afternoon because they were trying to accommodate us. They squeezed us both in for adjustments in between Kristen's acupuncture appointment. Now that is going above and beyond for your clients!
My husband and I have adjustments scheduled for next week with Kristen and we will definitely see her regularly while we are in the desert.
Hands down the best chiropractor in the valley!!!

Kiki L, 12/15/2018
Dr. Bohnet is amazing and I am SO glad I found her

She is very thorough, patient, and funny. Super easy to talk to and she truly does care about you and your progress. She is never rushed and takes as much time as she needs with each patient, which is refreshing. I highly recommend her. Also, her staff is always super friendly and kind, too!!

Sarah S, 10/05/2018
Love this place

My first experience with acupuncture. I was skeptical. Kristen was terrific she explained how acupuncture works. She looked at my health records and took the time to see where the pain was resonating from. I have had several visits and I am having more better days than bad ones. After extensive hospital stays, doctor visits, and pain medication I am grateful for the relief and not to be on the meds. Would definitely recommend this type of therapy and this practice.

Marcella C, 10/04/2018
Really warm friendly office staff and Dr. has a great personality. This is not a stuffy office!

So glad I was referred to this office. I'm getting relief with chiropractic care and am going to start acupuncture at my next appointment. So glad I was told about Dr. Bohnet.

Laurie J, 07/05/2018
Welcoming and relaxing environment

The office staff is very welcoming and efficient. The treatment rooms are relaxing with recliners and you listen to ocean sounds while you relax. Tastefully appointed furnishings. Dr. Cynthia Nobriga has the perfect touch for Acupuncture. I have every confidence in her.

Sally Y., 10/02/2022

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